UroLift: Revolutionising the treatment of benign prostate hyperplasia

In the rapidly evolving medical science, researches & surgeons are now more focused developing therapies & treatment options which preserve the QoL too apart from being effective. Benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH) treatment is one area which has undergone a sea change in the past decade with revolutionary methods to overcome the bladder outlet obstruction caused by BPH.

In the rapidly evolving landscape treatment options for BPH, Urologists face a constant challenge of improving the treatment efficiency & efficacy while preserving the sexual function in young healthy sexually active men.

Amidst this technology revolution, urolift has emerged as a game changer, preserving the sexual function, normal ejaculation and enhancing the quality of life, while ensuring a reliable and quick method to open the urinary obstruction in middle aged & ageing men. In this blog, we explore four key ways urolift technique empowers men, preserve their QOL, addressing their deteriorating sexual concerns, revolutionising the way they receive this minimally invasive treatment and enhancing patient satisfaction.

Seamless Improvement of Urinary Flow

Prostatic obstruction plays a major role in causing poor urinary flow stream and leads to a plethora of lifestyle difficulties in men at the peak of their professional & personal life. As BPH continues to worsen it poses a significant threat to the urinary tract fact, bladder and eventually the kidney function. Hence promp relief of Urinary flow is of vital importance. A progressive obstruction not only leads to symptoms like very weak urinary streams, interrupted urinary flow.

Majorly of BPM is treated by medications which are either alpha blockers such as Tamsulosin, Silodosin or Alfuzosin or by anti-androgenic drugs such as finastride, or dutasteride or a combination of both.

UTI, straining to pass urine, burning & pain while passing urine but also causes repeated visits to the restrooms which is of significance bother to men amidst their routine work as it decreases their professional productivity too.

Frequency during the night popularly known as Nocturia causes sleep fragmentation and results in daytime fatigue, loss of focus and tiredness.

As urinary obstruction continue to pose a significant threat to the kidneys & the urinary tract, the need for robust relief in urine flow has never been more critical, Prostate urethral lift technology provides a unique solution through uniquely designed staples which simply realign and remodel the prostate anatomy in such a flexible way that it provides prompt relief of urinary obstruction, while preserving their sexual potency, erectile function of the penis as well as improves the ejaculation.

Urolift eliminates the need of complex surgery in the form of Trans urethral resection of prostate (TURP), Holmium Laser enucleation of prostate (HOLEP) or other methods in which the prostate tissue is either burnt destroyed, cut or vapourised with excessive healing. They have their own set of complication and above-mentioned sexual side effects. This streamlined approach reduces has hospitalization time, minimising waiting periods and risks of major surgery, simplifying the relief of urinary obstruction for BPM Patients.

Now ageing & middle-aged men who have very big sized glands or large median lobe can also be benefited by this procedure depending on the training, experience, and confidence of their treating urologists. We have produced excellent results even in patients with bigger median lobes and decompensated urinary bladders.

Transforming Surgical experience

Traditional treatment methods for BPH come with various limitations, such as sexual dysfunction, retrograde ejaculation, urethral stricture, need of catheter, urinary incontinence, and other risks of major surgery. However, urolift technology presents an innovative alternative through endourological means, by utilising staple based prostate realignment and providing immediate symptom relief. By utilising the minimally invasive method, men can experience seamless relief of urinary obstruction during their most productive and sexually active years of life. 

This technology eliminates the need of any major surgery, anaesthesia, catheterization, and blood transfusion, thereby allowing patients to go home the same day and pee effortlessly. The procedure is done as a day care without even the need of anaesthesia and there is hardly any blood loss which reduces hospitalisation time and ensures an effective treatment without any side effect.

Enhancing QoL, Minimising Side Effects

Simplifying BPH treatment

After undergoing urolift procedure patients can go home same day without Catheter and can experience the immediate improvement in the urine flow and their QoL. Not just the flow but almost all symptoms such as using straining intermittency, frequency and even retention get promptly relieved.

The prostate urethral lift (UroLift) is a minimally invasive to way treat BPH and results in

Embrace the power of urolift technology, and take a leap forway in getting a futuristic treatment modality and prostate urethral lift. We use miniaturised staple implant to realign the prostate anatomy to restructure your prostate in such a way that it stays inside your body, and no more obstructs the urinary passage. There could be some limitation in very large prostate more than 100 grams a huge median lobe, but our experiences & thoughtful team has produced excellent results even in this subgroup of patients. Our richly trained surgeons and technicians strive to provide secure, safe and effective way to treat your prostate.

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Caution: Urolift should be performed only by experienced urologists who have been trained for conducting the procedure.

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