Patient Review

Dr Ranjan is very nice and his nature towards patients is good. His treatment is very effective for me. I had my transplant in May 2013. After 10 yrs of transplant, I am living a very happy and healthy life. I am thankful to Dr Ranjan for giving me another life.

Jasbir Singh

My kidney transplant was done by Dr Priyadarshi Ranjan in I want to say thanks to Dr Ranjan ,who gave me new life .I will recommend every dialysis patient to come and meet to sir, he is very qualified kidney transplant surgeon. I am very lucky that I choose Dr Ranjan and now in his follow up, my serum creatinine level is normal.

Inderpreet Singh

I am incredibly grateful to Dr. Priyadarshi Ranjan for the outstanding care he provided during my kidney transplant surgery. With his expertise and compassion, he guided me through the entire process, from explaining the procedure to ensuring a smooth recovery. Thanks to Dr. Priyadarshi Ranjan, I now have a new lease on life. I highly recommend him as a skilled and caring transplant surgeon.

Anil Bakshi

My experience with Dr Ranjan is good. I had my second kidney transplant in January 2023. My both the transplants are done by Dr. Ranjan. My second transplant was difficult one as it was ABO incompatible but Dr. Ranjan made the transplant successful. I am grateful to Dr. Ranjan for again giving me a new life.


It was back in 2021 when I learned that my both the kidneys have stopped working. It was Dr. Priyadarshi Ranjan and his impeccable team who provided me with commendable care and psychological support that made my kidney transplant successful, giving me a new life. Me and my entire family will be indebted throughout our life.


Dr Ranjan is a genius doctor and he treats his every patient very politely and knowledgeably. I had my kidney transplant in 2016 and I will always be grateful to Dr Ranjan who has given me a new lease on life. God Bless him.


My sincere and heartiest thanks to Dr Ranjan for extending my life. His nature is courteous and friendly. He had done my kidney transplant in November 2017. Me and my entire family are thankful to Dr Ranjan for my successful kidney transplant.

Ranvir Singh Man

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