Meliora Kidney Institute

Meliora is a reputable hospital that specializes in providing advanced medical care for patients with kidney-related health conditions. Their Kidney Institute department is staffed with highly skilled and experienced medical professionals who are committed to delivering the highest quality of care to their patients. With advanced facilities and cutting-edge technology, Meliora is dedicated to improving the health and well-being of individuals suffering from kidney-related ailments.

Advanced Surgeries

Laparoscopic Kidney Surgery

Laparoscopic surgery is a technique of performing surgeries with the most modern specialized surgical instruments in which the surgeon puts in a camera in the patient’s abdomen and operates upon the different organs situated inside. Laparoscopic operations are performed through very small incisions hardly 5mm to 10mm, which result in minimal scarring and are extremely comfortable to the patient.

In this technique placing a small high-definition camera through a small incision, which is barely visible after six months, does the entire operation. The advantage of using this high-definition camera is that it gives an immensely crystal clear view inside the body so the operations are done with extreme precision and can also reach areas, which are difficult to reach during open surgical operations.

Retroperitoneoscopic Kidney Surgery

Retroperitoneoscopic kidney surgery is a minimally invasive surgical technique used to remove or treat kidney-related conditions. It involves making small incisions in the back and using a laparoscope to access the retroperitoneal space (the area behind the abdominal cavity where the kidneys are located) to perform the surgery.

During the procedure, the surgeon inserts a laparoscope (a long, thin tube with a camera attached) and other specialized surgical instruments through the small incisions to access the kidney. The surgeon then uses the instruments to remove the affected tissue or perform the necessary treatment. 

Retrograde Intrarenal Surgery

Retrograde Intrarenal Surgery (RIRS) allows the surgeon to do surgery inside the kidney without making an incision. The instrument for RIRS enters through the body’s natural opening, through the bladder and the ureter, into the kidney. RIRS is used for patients with stones in the kidney, narrowing of the outlet of the kidney or within the kidney (strictures) and tumors in the kidney. The RIRS is an outpatient procedure using local, intravenous or general anesthesia.

The Minimally Invasive Urology Institute specializes in using RIRS for difficult-to-treat cases, such as:

This procedure is done with flexible ureteroscopy and Laser.

Holmium Laser Prostate Surgery

Holmium Laser Prostate Surgery is a minimally invasive alternative to TURP (transurethral resection of the prostate). It uses laser energy to relieve enlarged prostate symptoms and is designed to reduce traditional complications associated with TURP. With holmium laser therapy, patients experience minimal pain after the operation and spend less time in the hospital than with TURP. They are also able to resume normal activities within a week. There are few to no sexual side effects with holmium laser therapy, and, unlike TURP, it can be performed on patients taking anticoagulant medications like Coumadin® (warfarin sodium).

Area Of Expertise

Kidney Cancer

Kidney cancer is cancer that originates in the kidneys. Your kidneys are two bean-shaped organs, each about the size of your fist. They're located behind your abdominal organs, with one kidney on each side of your spine.

Kidney Stone

Kidney stones (renal lithiasis) are small, hard deposits that form inside your kidneys. The stones are made of mineral and acid salts. Kidney stones have many causes and can affect any part of your urinary tract — from your kidneys to your bladder.

Kidney Transplant

Kidney transplant involves surgically replacing a damaged or failed kidney with a healthy one from a donor. It's a common treatment for end-stage renal disease, allowing patients to lead longer and healthier lives with improved quality of life.

Kidney Transplantation

People with end-stage kidney disease, also known as kidney failure, who cannot maintain adequate kidney function through dialysis or other medical treatments, may require a kidney transplant.

Our Specialist

Dr. Priyadarshi Ranjan

MS, MCh ( Urosurgery, PGI Chandigarh)

Dr. Priyadarshi Ranjan is a highly skilled specialist in the department of Meliora Kidney Institute at Meliora Hospital. With extensive expertise in the field of nephrology, Dr. Ranjan is dedicated to providing exceptional care and treatment to patients with kidney-related conditions.

His in-depth knowledge, combined with a compassionate approach, enables him to diagnose and manage a wide range of kidney disorders effectively.

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